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Body Painting

Immerse yourself in the world of artistic expression with Kaihongyu's Body Painting collection. Our premium body paints offer a vibrant and skin-safe way to unleash your creativity directly on your body. 

Textile Painting

Elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary with Kaihongyu's Textile Painting collection. From clothing and home décor to accessories and gifts, our textile paints empower you to infuse your personal style into every thread.

Ceramic Painting

Unleash your inner artist on a unique medium with Kaihongyu's Ceramic Painting collection. Our specialized ceramic paints are designed to adhere beautifully to pottery, porcelain, and ceramics.

Toy Painting

Turn playtime into a realm of imagination and creativity with Kaihongyu's Toy Painting collection. Our child-friendly and non-toxic paints provide a safe and enjoyable way for kids and adults alike to personalize their toys. 

Stationery Painting

Infuse your everyday tools with a touch of your own personality through Kaihongyu's Stationery Painting collection. Our stationery paints allow you to add a creative flair to your workspace and daily routine. 

Holiday Supplies Painting

Celebrate in style and make memories unforgettable with Kaihongyu's Holiday and Party Painting collection. Our paints are the perfect addition to any festive occasion, allowing you to adorn decorations with enchanting designs. 


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