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What Paint is Best for Handprints?

Elevate your handprint projects with KHY's range of paints, crafted for vibrant colors and lasting memories. Whether you choose water-based acrylics, tempera paints, non-toxic finger paints, or washable poster paints, KHY ensures a safe and enjoyable crafting experience. Create, cherish, and relive the joy of every colorful handprint.

Creating handprints is a cherished activity that turns moments into lasting memories. But with a myriad of paints available, which one is the best for preserving those tiny, colorful imprints? In this guide, we'll explore the ideal paints for handprints that not only offer vibrant hues but also ensure safety and longevity.


What Paints You Can Use for Handpaints


Water-Based Acrylic Paints


A Rainbow of Possibilities: When it comes to versatility and brilliance, water-based acrylic paints take center stage. These paints offer a rich palette of colors, drying quickly and providing a smooth finish. We, at KHY, recommend our water-based acrylics for handprints. The easy application and non-toxic nature make them perfect for little hands, ensuring a safe and enjoyable crafting experience.


Tempera Paints:


Bold and Washable: For bold and vivid handprints, tempera paints are an excellent choice. With a smooth consistency, they offer even coverage, and the vibrant colors make handprints stand out. At KHY, we appreciate the vibrant impact of tempera paints and recommend them for projects where you want those handprints to truly pop.

Non-Toxic Finger Paints:


Safe Creativity for Little Ones: For the tiniest artists in the making, non-toxic finger paints are a must. At KHY, we understand the importance of safety for your little ones. Our finger paints are crafted with non-toxic ingredients, ensuring worry-free creativity for toddlers. These paints not only allow for easy application but also provide a sensory experience that enhances the joy of crafting.

Washable Poster Paints:


Versatile and Easy to Clean: Washable poster paints strike the perfect balance between vibrant colors and easy cleanup. Our poster paints at KHY adhere well to various surfaces, making them ideal for handprint projects on paper, canvas, or fabric. These versatile paints ensure a mess-free crafting experience and vibrant, lasting handprints.



At KHY, we understand the value of preserving those handprint masterpieces. Our range of paints is designed not just for their vibrant colors but also for their durability. We believe that every handprint tells a unique story, and our paints are crafted to ensure that story lasts a lifetime.In the colorful world of handprints, choosing the right paint is essential for vibrant and lasting memories. Whether it's the versatil of water-based acrylics, the boldness of tempera paints, the safety of non-toxic finger paints, or the easy cleanup of washable poster paints, KHY has you covered. Craft your memories with confidence, knowing that the paints you choose are designed for brilliance and longevity.

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