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What Paint Can You Use on Fabric?

Discover the art of fabric painting and unlock a world of creative possibilities with our guide on the best paints for fabric. From vibrant acrylics to versatile spray paints and precision markers, explore the options, and delve into the artistic realm. We, at KHY, offer a range of high-quality fabric paints designed to elevate your projects. Find the perfect match for your creative vision and bring your ideas to life with confidence.

In the vast realm of artistic expression, fabric serves as a versatile canvas for those eager to weave their creativity into tangible masterpieces. However, choosing the right paint for fabric can be a perplexing journey, with a myriad of options available. Let's delve into the world of fabric painting and unravel the question: What paint can you use on fabric?


Understanding Fabric Paint Types


When venturing into fabric painting, the key lies in selecting paints that adhere well, remain vibrant, and withstand the test of time. Acrylic paints stand out as a popular choice, boasting durability and an extensive color palette. The water-based nature of acrylics ensures easy blending, making them ideal for intricate designs.


For those seeking a softer touch, fabric markers provide precision and control. These markers, often containing washable ink, offer a fuss-free approach to adding intricate details to your fabric masterpiece.


Fabric Paints 


When painting on fabric, it is essential to use a paint specifically designed for this purpose to ensure durability and adherence. Fabric paints are formulated to withstand washing and wear, maintaining their vibrant colors over time. There are various types of fabric paint available, including acrylic, fabric markers, and fabric dyes.


Acrylic fabric paints are popular for their versatility and ease of use. They come in a wide range of colors, and many are designed to be heat-set, which means they can be permanently fixed to the fabric with the application of heat, such as through ironing.


Fabric markers provide a precise and convenient way to apply color to fabric. They often come in pen-like form, allowing for detailed designs. Fabric markers are suitable for smaller projects or adding fine details to larger pieces.


Fabric dyes are another option, allowing for more fluid and seamless color application. These dyes penetrate the fabric fibers, creating a more integrated and permanent coloration. Dyeing fabric can be done through various techniques, such as immersion or tie-dyeing.


Before starting your project, it's crucial to read and follow the instructions on the chosen fabric paint product. Additionally, prepping the fabric by washing and, if required, applying a fabric medium can enhance the paint's adhesion and longevity. Always consider the specific characteristics and requirements of your project when selecting a fabric paint to achieve the desired results.


The KHY Advantage


At KHY, we understand the intricate dance between creativity and quality materials. Our range of fabric paints and markers is crafted with precision, ensuring your artistic vision translates seamlessly onto fabric. With a commitment to durability and vibrancy, KHY empowers artists to push boundaries and unleash their creativity without compromise.


As a leading paint manufacturer, we take pride in offering a spectrum of colors that spark inspiration. Our water-based fabric paints not only provide a smooth application but also guarantee longevity, allowing your creations to withstand the tests of time and multiple washes.




In the realm of fabric painting, the question of what paint to use on fabric finds its answer in the harmony between creativity and quality. Whether you opt for the versatility of acrylics, the precision of fabric markers, or the seamless integration with fabric mediums, your choice should reflect your artistic intent.


As you embark on your fabric painting adventure, let KHY be your trusted companion. Elevate your creations with our premium fabric paints and markers, designed to bring your imagination to life on the canvas of fabric. Unleash your artistic prowess and let KHY be the brush that paints your dreams into reality.

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