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What Kind of Paint to Use on Holiday Windows?

Discover the perfect paint for holiday windows with KHY, a trusted paint wholesaler. Learn how to create stunning happy holidays window paintings that bring festive cheer.

The holiday season is a time for spreading joy and warmth, and one way to do that is by painting festive designs on your windows. Whether you want to greet passersby with cheerful messages or decorate your home or business for the holidays, choosing the right paint is essential for creating stunning holiday window displays. In this guide, we'll explore the best paints to use when painting holiday windows, offering tips and recommendations to ensure your happy holidays window painting shines bright.


The tradition of painting holiday windows is a delightful way to celebrate the festive season. Whether you're looking to convey warm wishes to your community, add a touch of magic to your home, or draw customers to your business, window painting is an artistic and heartwarming endeavor.


Paint Types for Holiday Windows


When it comes to painting holiday windows, you have a few options to consider:


1. Acrylic Paints


Acrylic paints are versatile, easy to work with, and available in a wide range of colors. They are a popular choice for holiday window painting because they adhere well to glass surfaces and dry relatively quickly. Acrylics are a great choice if you want to create intricate designs with fine details.


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2. Window Paints


Specifically designed for glass and window surfaces, window paints are a convenient option for holiday window painting. They come in various colors and are easy to apply and remove. Window paints are an excellent choice for temporary holiday displays.

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3. Chalk Markers


Chalk markers are ideal for creating bold and vibrant designs on windows. They can be easily removed with a damp cloth, making them perfect for seasonal window art. Chalk markers are available in a variety of colors and are suitable for both home and commercial displays.


4. Oil-Based Paints


Oil-based paints are a durable option for holiday window painting, providing long-lasting results. However, they require more effort to remove, making them a better choice for more permanent displays.


Tips for Choosing the Right Paint


Consider Your Display Duration


Before selecting your paint, think about how long you want your holiday window art to last. If it's a short-term display, window paints or chalk markers may be the best choice due to their easy removal. For longer-lasting displays, acrylic or oil-based paints may be more appropriate.


Design Complexity


The complexity of your design can influence your paint choice. Acrylic paints offer more precision for intricate details, while chalk markers are excellent for bold and vibrant designs. Consider the level of detail in your holiday window art.


Ease of Use


If you're new to window painting, opt for paints that are easy to work with and forgiving of mistakes. Chalk markers and window paints are user-friendly and provide a smooth application experience.


Preparing the Window Surface


To ensure the best results for your holiday window painting, it's important to prepare the window surface properly. Follow these steps:


Clean the Glass: Start with a clean, dry window. Remove any dirt, dust, or smudges using a glass cleaner.


Outline Your Design: Sketch your design lightly with a pencil or chalk before you start painting. This step helps ensure that your holiday window art is balanced and well-proportioned.


Protect the Surrounding Area: Cover any areas near the window that you want to keep paint-free. Use painter's tape or plastic sheeting to create a barrier.


Painting Your Holiday Windows


Now that you've chosen the right paint and prepared the window surface, it's time to bring your holiday window art to life. Here's how to get started:


Start with the Background: If your design includes a background color, begin by applying the base coat. Allow it to dry completely before adding details.


Add Details and Text: Use your chosen paint to create your holiday-themed designs, such as snowflakes, ornaments, or cheerful holiday greetings. Acrylic paints work well for intricate details, while chalk markers provide bold lines.


Layer and Blend: Experiment with layering colors and blending techniques to add depth and dimension to your artwork.


Dry and Set: Ensure your holiday window art is completely dry before removing any protective coverings or painter's tape. This prevents smudging or smearing.


Caring for Your Holiday Window Painting


To keep your holiday window painting looking its best, follow these care tips:


Avoid Scratching: Be gentle when cleaning the window to avoid scratching the paint. Use a soft cloth or sponge.


Touch-Ups: Depending on the paint you've used, you may need to touch up your design periodically to maintain its vibrancy.


Removal: If you've chosen temporary paints like chalk markers or window paints, removal is a breeze. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe away the design.




Painting holiday windows is a wonderful way to share the festive spirit with your community, friends, and family. Whether you're creating joyful displays at home or decorating your business for the holidays, choosing the right paint is crucial to achieving the best results.


At KHY, we understand the importance of quality paint for your holiday window displays. As a trusted paint wholesaler, we offer a range of paints suitable for your happy holidays window painting projects. Make your holiday season more vibrant and memorable by spreading joy through your beautifully painted windows.

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